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More working on videos today! Today we woke up and continued working on our video, trying to cut it down. Most of the day we spent working on our video – getting audio right, getting fades, and perfecting when we cut the clips. We had a pretty good rough cut by lunch time.

For lunch, I took the roast beef – though it cost me 4.50, it was quite good! Though I’m realizing that I’ve been stocking up pretty well on dark chocolate bars. We came back, and began to work on some other aspects of the video – adding pans and audio clips, and some other things. By the end, I think we had a pretty successful video! We also tried calling Dave using the hall phone – that was an interesting experience, but it’ll probably be easier in the future to just facebook him! By dinner, we had our video completed! It felt great to be done relatively early! We ate dinner (turkey). Though before dinner, Emma delivered our flight confirmations for the flight home – which set a bit of a sad mood – I can’t believe it’s almost been 4 weeks, I still feel like I just got here. I really don’t feel ready to leave yet!

Tonight we started working on our presentation. We got a good chunk of it done. I also spent some time in the dance room to use a piano – fun to play for an hour or so, then came back. Not a whole lot to blog about today, but definitely a very productive day!

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