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I haven’t made a #HomeworkMarathon Hashtag yet on my Twitter account, but maybe it’s time that I should. Homework can be approached to like a sprint. Or a train. Or plane taking off. Let’s go with the plane analogy. It’s can take some time to even get on board. There’s a lot to do, and a lot of issues to deal with before you can even get on the plane – which can be quite distracting to your travel plans. Long lines, baggage problems security, scans, pat downs, ticketing problems, and so by the time you actually start your trip, you’re completely exhausted and not even sure you want to keep on traveling. So it takes some effort to get started.

But then once you’re on the plane, you need to be sure to build up enough momentum that you’ll get enough lift just to get off the ground. Get off the ground. Not even reaching your destination, you need to put in so much effort and energy to gain enough momentum (or I suppose it’s velocity and lift…). And on top of that, there’s the temporal component. You have to make sure you gain enough speed early on enough. Otherwise, you’re not even going to take off, and go off the edge of the runway. Or, if you don’t gain enough speed, you’ll end up clipping the trees after the runway, and crash to certain doom. Then you need to try to sustain yourself for the duration of your flight, hopefully making it to the final destination. Then you turn around and do it all over again. And this whole process is built so there are plenty of opportunities in the process the get very very frustrated. Oh well. Gotta start flying.

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