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So I'm in the middle of AP and IB Testing right now - and I have my IB SL Music on Friday!  It seems ok, I have to discuss musical, structural, and contextual features of music I listen to.  Which is okay, but I also need to learn the music of this Opera - Dido and Aeneas, one of the first English Operas.  Not that I don't like operas.  It's just it's so darn old!  But anyways, if you want to check out what I'm listening to,

While I'm on the subject of music, I also uploaded once of my new compositions, which you can find somewhere under the  "Me on the Internet" tab, or on Youtube, at

Besides that, there isn't much, just the regular school work and what not, though I suppose if I try to update this every day, it'd be something good to do.  Either here or I should go get one on google or wordpress or something.  I'll see. 

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