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No blog entry last week, so I’ll cover 2 week’s worth here. Now let me refer to my Twitter so I can remember what happened. It seems that days here go by very slowly one at a time, but once they’re over, they feel like it’s been so quick. Like this weekend is the halfway point through the semester – I feel like I just arrived! Though this weekend is fall break – and there’s like 5 kids on my floor who are staying. It cleared out a lot more than I thought. It’s very strange not to have shouting and yelling periodically on a Friday night. It feels like the California club (hey that’s not such a bad idea) is stuck here for the break! (Sorry I’m not able to come back home and watch a field show!) But I saw a couple guys wandering through the building trying to see who’s left – it feels like some post apocalyptic world, searching for survivors….ok maybe I’m going a bit too far. But hey, we have to live without dining halls for a weekend, so it is pretty post apocalyptic.

I’ll cover these past 2 weeks in more general terms than usual. Couple weeks ago, I hosted 2 prospective freshmen, which was pretty fun. Played pool with them and Brian, explored the skylounge.  Also, Jim/James from CUPB is like one of the head people in charge of the program, which is pretty cool.  These past few weeks I’ve also been spending a lot more time in the library. I like the White room in Uris, but there’s also a room off the White room (I want to say Kinkdale, but I know that’s not the name), which I like as well – though they both seem to be popular and somewhat crowded. But I’ve figured out my timing a bit better to get myself a seat in one of them. I like the natural lighting of the other room, and the coziness and Harry Potter esque-ness of White. Though I was there Thursday night as well, and the White room was practically empty. I’m glad I got my favorite table, but it felt strange having only a handful of people in there.  I also went to the library at 7am the day before my government prelim (to finish up my reading response/dialogue for my writing seminar on military and computer development), and unbeknownst to me, you need an ID to get in between 2am and 8am. But that’s fine, at least the library is open 24 hours a day! I had to go down to the cocktail lounge, because the upper portion of the library was closed.

Besides the library, I’ve spent a bit of time not in the dorm – I spent that one 7am library day out of my dorm the entire day, until about 11pm.  That said, I’ve learned to enjoy the benefits of having Oakenshields on central campus.  I’ve also spent some time in Lincoln – I’ve learned “Somebody Come and Play” from Sesame Streets – which brings back good memories. I wish I had already bought my Finale composing program, because I’ve been composing stuff without writing it down! I hope I don’t forget! For that sake, I’ll list out some stuff – There’s a jazz/late night talk show type theme that I’ve come up with, another western theme more along the lines of the Good, Bad, and the Ugly, playing around with some Christmas sounding stuff, and some exploration/theme for a hero like stuff. Anyways, I was on an upright today, and the tuning guy came in to tune the piano, and he let me into a room with a grand piano! Which was awesome. The sound is definitely different. 

Speaking of music, CU Winds had its first concert this year in Bailey! We played Bugs!, Rhosymedre, Walls of Zion, Puszta. It was really fun to play in a real hall instead of a gym. And using a dressing room (though not that comfortable with 20 guys in a space barely larger than my dorm) and all the backstage stuff – it was really fun. And listening to the incredible talent of Wind Ensemble afterwards was great too. Now we have new music for our November concert – some of it I don’t like as much, but it might grow on me.

Show wise, I’ve been following Stargate Universe, Glee, 30 Rock, and The Event. Saw Mythbusters too. The Colony ended its run – hated the finale. Watched the first episodes of the Office, Community, and Outsourced, but I’m not going to have time (or bandwidth) to watch that many shows!

Foodwise, I’m loving the free popcorn at Cornell! I’ve had Mongolian grill another time now at RPCC. Though I still think Oakenshields probably has the best Chinese food (and that’s not saying much!). And still loving the ice cream. AND there was the Fall Harvest special dinner! Pumpkin Cheesecake, fresh sweet corn, applewood smoked prime rib, bbq short rib pizza, celery root and potato puree, penne pasta, honey nut ice cream – local produce and whatnot, it was one of the highlights of Cornell dining so far this year.

Clubwise, participated as Pakistan in the Mock MUN conference – thanks to my mentor Alexa for making it a fun experience! CUPB, gearing up for Frank Warren, and Louie CK, good stuff happening there. Played pool and ate dinner with CSA – Yuanji (spelling?) is a decent pool player. I…had some lucky shots, I should get in there and practice, if I think it’s worth the time.

Weatherwise it’s been cooler (except 70 degrees today), and lots of rain! A lot more than SoCal. The umbrella comes in very handy. Except for sideways rain. Or big mist like clouds. Though a highlight of the rain was the crazy water coming over Beebe dam – I thought it had burst at first! And the huge mist cloud created by the rushing water falls – and now there’s a tree trunk (or 2) stuck on the dam wall – I would have loved to see that come over.

Classwise, it’s been alright. Hard chinese quizzes, but the sections are still fun. Web design is moving toward its first prelim (the day back from fall break!). Gov prelim happened this week, I feel like I did well, but I put my studying efforts there instead of Chinese. I hope it paid off. Writing seminar essays are still coming along, as well as the readings, but I’m finding them pretty interesting – though I get lost in some of the technical aspects sometimes. Which means I’m reconsidering my crazy idea about a STS and Gov double major and Infosci and Music minor. I might want something more technical/mathy. Badminton is going well as well – thought I lost my ipod the other day, but it fell under my desk. Enjoying the clock chimese as well – Firebird Suite, Here Comes the Sun, great stuff. I could use more sleep. Some lectures, I’m still going through 2 packs a day, and I’d like to cut back. (of smarties! Gosh, what were you thinking I was talking about?). And today went to a guest lecture on quantum physics experiments and what we might know by 2020. Very interesting stuff, even though I only understood a tiny bit of it.


Wow, there’s a lot of stuff:
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 34. not bad overall. annual rhs pep rally - football team as cheerleaders...wish i had my camera...
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 32. whole band running through school during practice! tiring, but looked like !!!
•  #worldslongestmarathon leg 31. not too bad. though i'm not exactly looking forward to our english surprise tomorrow....
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 30 - well....another 6:30-9:30 school day. 15 hours, not 3. and hw time now!
•  wow...that was the most productive hour i've had all year. good leg of the #worldslongestmarathon! =) didn't finish, but did a good chunk!!
 •  secret to sucess in the #worldslongestmarathon - be pumped up, ALWAYS have energy. like the energizer bunny. keeps going and going and ...
•  #worldslongestmarathon never seems to end. actually seems worse on weekend. when do i get time for myself??? or college apps?? or SLEEP??
 •  OH! i forgot #worldslongestmarathon day 29 - 10/2 - not bad, mostly an easy day. nhs book drive - it'd be nice if ppl actually gave us books
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 28 - traumatizing tests! hopefully tomorrow isn't as crazy. ib ice cream social was fun though!
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 27 - not a whole lot. but tomorrow - tok presentation, history quiz, english surprise, spanish oral test. yay.
 •  ...DONATE AP/SAT BOOKS TO NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY!! realized i dont need so many books today =( thanks @helentran11 #worldslongestmarathonb
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 26 - fun stuff. traumatizing history video =) hahaha. sleepy from band last night. another NHS book drive day...
 •  #worldslongestmarathon - plus got 2 tests back - yay! did well =) aaand new eps of #NCIS and premiere of #SGU this week! so exciting!
•  #worldslongestmarathon day 25 - band practice - and CHAIR AEROBICS! and now it's homework time...

Ok, starting at the bottom, chair aerobics! My contribution to band? Alright, maybe maybe not, but Paul Eugene is awesome. I thought it’d make a cool punishment for people (the humiliation factor I guess?) I guess I didn’t expect people to actually like it (I thought that’s just me, and I’m weird!). But that’s good stuff. Then we had NHS annual book drive – I think I was in charge of this. I wish I had planned it out better, better advertising and what not. But overall, I think it went well. Thanks to Helen, I realized about not always brining my Tsokos or TOK books – which helped the weight load a lot (though I still did carry quite a bit as usual!)  I have a feeling that English surprise was our first essay? Or something else? Anyways, I did well on it – much better on the essay than I thought I would have done – which set me on a better than average year for English! And the IB ice cream social – I remember we had ice cream, and tables set up. And despite the best of intentions to get to know everyone in the club better, a bunch of freshmen bailed out when we were going to start icebreakers. I remember Bryan scaring them, and them literally running to the back door of the hideout to get out. Crazy stuff. But worth a good laugh! Then back to college app season – so glad I won’t have to worry about that for a while. They do seem hard and stupid at times, but they’re worth it! Day 30 – I started staying at school for band instead of going home, to do tutoring in the library, as well as it just being easier because I didn’t lose the half hour of transit time.  Another English surprise? I don’t know this time. Day 32, running through the whole school in a couple of big loops THEN jumping jacks until everyone returned. I remember at the beginning it looked like the intro to the Drew Carey Show. And smart me, I sprinted, leaving me more tired and doing more jumping jacks. I guess that’s that point though. And you know what? PAUL EUGENE KEPT ME GOING! I counted and shouted like him during jumping jacks, and it got me through. And I think it might have given Brett and Lauren a good laugh too… Day 34 was the annual RHS football pep rally, with the football team dressed as cheerleaders and doing a routine. Always great fun to watch, and we were there on the side playing our couple of pep songs. Lots of fun at football games all the time!

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