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So today is Rowland High School's Prom.  I'm not going.  Instead, this afternoon, I went to a presentation by Northwestern University, at the LA Downtown Marriott.  Oh well, it was worth it I guess - there's Prom next year!  Northwestern is in the Chicago land area just fyi, seems like a nice place though. 

Went to Costco today, great samples!  I bet that's why most people go there, it's those free samples.  It's crazy, I walk in and on the furniture, I see people sleeping, reading books - it's like they made it home!  To their credit, it was nice and air conditioned in there, in contrast to the 80/90 degree weather outside.  I also realized I haven't been there in a while - there are so many clothes!  And only 1 small table of DVDs and 1 table of books.  It used to be about 2 tables of books, 2 tables of DVDs, and a table of games and cd's.  But I guess it's okay - why buy books or movies when you buy your own pair of Kirkland Signature Jeans! 

On the school front, it's mixed.  Relieved to be done with AP and IB tests, only to face a whole slew of homework and projects.  But we march own, through the waves and the winds, each toward our own goals......

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