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Another day gone. Today was the Chinese review session at 10. Went to that, it was funny when the professor showed the pinyin instead of dictation. Had a nice lunch with Han Hee at Okenshields. After that was a long afternoon in Olin, studying math. Had a chance to watch President Obama’s 60 Minutes interview from last night. Went to TA office hours for help with my essay from Emma, then a mocha from the new food place in the physical sciences building (Goldie’s?) – first time there, I have to go back and try a sandwich one of these days! Spent some time in a Rockefeller classroom studying, then to a music room where I composed this in about half an hour:

After that was Diana’s office hours for math, then coming back to the dorm. Gotta work on my essay, so I’ll leave you with #worldslongestmarathon thoughts.

High School time again!

•  #worldslongestmarathon - yay, 50th day of school!!!!!!! fun band practice with a guest director! =)
Woot! The big 5-0! Not sure who the director was. Might have been someone who’s worked with Mr. Alvo before? I remember his style was different, and it made for an interesting change to have someone else direct rehearsal for a week.

•  @kurtthewurt well now it's the 51st day =) #worldslongestmarathon
Well apparently not much happened this day. Hello, Kurt!

•  #worldslongestmarathon 52 - not much to remember. band sectionals -> clarinet running block fail =(
Wednesday band sectionals. I believe I wanted to do a running/clapping block around a couple buildings with the clarinet section. And the block dissolved. In theory it would have been good! Running block, then a run of the show, to simulate being out of breath…though in practice, didn’t work out so well.

•  #worldslongestmarathon 55 - long band meeting, didn't get to approve spending!! went to senate meeting and missed physics lesson =(
Band meeting at lunch – not sure if this was just the band board, or a whole leadership meeting with section leaders, captains, drum majors. Probably the latter. Had some good discussions. Some tense ones too over the year. They were good to have though. And senate meetings, wonderful senate meetings. They were actually pretty fun to have. I spoke up more this year! I suppose trying to find a seat next to Peter made things more fun. But for the most part, senate meetings were pretty enjoyable. Though it did mean missing out on some fun stuff in classes too…

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 54 - math test! football game! talked with @faineance, saw @annaaamaayorrr too! and i lost my music =(
Away football game at Nogales. I believe that that year they did the birds. Really cool show. And, it seemed their homecrowd paid more attention to their regiment than our homecrowd did at our home games. Then again, Nogales placed higher than us. Anyways, enjoyed watching their show. Saw Anna (don’t think I got the chance to talk to her – gave a wave though, if I remember correctly). Talked to Virginia through the fence – I remember Sharon coming up and saying hi, and talking with Jimmy too. Fun times. Except I lost all my music in the stands. Not too bad, because it was the last pep game (until basketball, but I could use other people’s). But I had a lot of nostalgic pieces in there. Like I Can See For Miles. And Rock Lobster. And Darth Vader’s Theme. And the 1-40 peptunes. And Jungle Boogie. And Let’s Groove. And a lot more…oh well.

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 53 - a hard but not super duper hard physics test - math test tomorrow...
We had a hard physics test! Not sure what unit we were in by now…Tsokos? Or we might have been in packets by now…wish I wrote what the topic was.

•  #worldslongestmarathon 55 - "apologize to richmond for throwing an eraser!"
Sounds like Mr. Dawdy to me. Yasitha, was this you??? Somehow, I think it was!

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 56 - feels like a friday! except i need to be at school at 7 am tomorrow..
Thursday, Thursday, the day before Friday…er. This might have been a Wednesday though.

 •  #worldslongestmarathon 57 - not too bad, feels like a monday! loooots of homework tonight - yay history IA!!!
Lots of mismatched days this week. History IA – might have been the outline, or our research. It wasn’t too bad. I did mine on German codes in WWII – a topic we covered a bit in Cryptography at CTY LMU 2006 (Session 1), but something I wanted to learn a little more about, and place into a better historical context (rather than the cryptological context in the other class).

•  #worldslongestmarathon 58 - interesting day - at least it's friday!! alot of school stuff to do this weekend though...
•  #worldslongestmarathon = day of school 58. spanish oral testing = FAIL. but band WE GOT CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!! YAY!!!! =))))))
Spanish Oral testing – started off badly in the year, but got better. I remember having to use the cassette recorders in Mrs. Robles’ class. I liked the tape recorders! Felt like a little kid again. I used to have so much fun with cassettes – my first CDs! Raffi tapes when I was very little. Along with a cassette tape recorder at home, I’d record music from movies (Jurassic Park), and later, with the boombox, record music from CD’s onto cassette. Which was helpful, since our cars at that time either had no CD player, or the CD player was wayyy in the back and hard to get to. Thus cassette tapes were my thing! Anyways, in Spanish, the oral presentation we had to do on the cassette – there’s a funny moment when you look around the classroom and see everyone hunched over their desks talking into the tape recorder. If you walked in and had no idea what the tape recorders were, you would think that we’re a pretty strange class…but at least they got easier to do as we learned more vocab throughout the year.
And Christmas music! (In November!) Always gets me in heightened spirits. Kathyrna said something about my enthusiastic reaction (NOT over enthusiastic. Just the right amount of enthusiasm. It’s not my fault if everyone else wasn’t as happy!). I don’t even remember what we played. But I enjoyed it! Maybe it’s the familiar tunes. Or the “Christmas sound.” Anyways, the sight of Christmas music sure woke me up and made for an enjoyable Friday.

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