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Well, here's the gist: I like the show NCIS, I just got hooked a couple of months ago, and since then, I've been watching most of the 3 hour weekday marathons on USA.  But that's not the point.  CBS has new episodes every Tuesday of NCIS.  So 2 weeks ago, they aired "Legend, Part 2" which basically focuses on a 2nd NCIS team as a backdoor pilot episode.  And I thought that was going to be their season finale, wrap it up by introducing a new team.  And at the end (spoiler!!!) one of the agents got shot.  And I thought, great!  Well, it is stereotypical for a season finale to kill off a person, but not uncommon, so I thought they'd pull the camera out on the body laying on the street and we'd find out next year if he lived or not.  Then comes the end credits.  "Next week, on NCIS."  Woah, that caught me by surprise, so I watched the commercial eagerly, and they say something to the extent of "someone will not survive."  And so the whole week, I was excited for the NCIS season finale, but with some dread as I'd be sad to see a major character go. 

So Tuesday night at 8 I got to CBS and watch a fun filled episode of NCIS, waiting for the big moment...and it never comes.  Thinking, what the heck?, I was about ready to turn off the TV with a disappointing season finale (not a bad episode - just not that epicness of a finale), when the end credits come up.  "Next week, on NCIS" - (this must be the show that never stops!) - the announcer goes ONE...WILL...NOT...COME...HOME.  I'm a bit puzzled now - I saw that last week too.  Does this mean the real season finale is in 2 weeks?  Or will I see a "Next Week on NCIS" then too?  Nevertheless, I'm eagerly awaiting what I presume is the Season Finale Finale next Tuesday. 

Other than that, it's still IB Music - I finished all the listening!  (If you want to hear what I've been listening to, All that remains is listening to the opera, Dido and Aeneas, a couple times and going over my notes.  Not too bad for a year long course learned in...well, less than a year.  The big exam is Friday! Plus a English quiz, and some other things. 


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