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 Yesterday (Thursday), our graduation group went to see Toy Story 3 and such. I met up with Trevor and Victor at Rowland so we could get a ride from Daniel. When I was there, it was somewhat surreal. Seeing people like Kurt and Kevin – juniors now – oh my goodness! I still practically feel like a junior; taking my summer school class before junior year seems like it was yesterday. Actually, it seems like my first two years of high school were last month, and the second two were this past month. It is very surreal. On one hand, seeing this year’s rising juniors makes me feel old – I still think of them as freshmen almost! But then being back at Rowland, I felt like a student again – especially since I was there during passing period, and walking amongst the student. Though there was a different feeling – all the little kids were there! I saw Jason Ma (senior, my goodness!), and dropped by ASB to say hi to Mrs. Phillips, and saw Ariel too! So it was a nice revisit, even if it’s only been 2 weeks. Even though my high school experience seems like yesterday, the actual graduation seems like a lifetime ago.

We went with Daniel along the horrible Colima traffic, and met up with everyone at the mall, same people as our graduation group.  And watching Toy Story 3. Oh wow. Ok, so I’ll say spoilers, so if you haven’t seen and don’t want to know what happens STOP HERE. 

Ok, so Toy Story 3. First, that opening was epic. That scene was like, if I could but the Toy Story characters in their own “world” and make a movie, it’d be like that! The rest of the movie was epic too – though when they all held hands as they were about to be incinerated was very touching, and seemed almost like a sci fi film. Though I was half expecting someone to die. Too much Stargate Universe/Battlestar Galactica – I forgot it was Disney. But it was still a touching scene. And very dark for a Disney/Pixar film. Actually, the whole movie was very dark, in its themes and characters. I suppose it makes sense since we’ve grown up with the movies that they get progressively darker – sort of like Harry Potter, but not as much, because of course it’s Disney/Pixar. And yes, I cried at the end. Well, I began getting teary when Andy said bye to his mom. Probably because that’s how I imagine parting with my parents to be later this summer. I think the movie affected us especially because we’re the class of 2010 (yay Andy!), and we’re in the same situation as Andy. And at the end, when he has one last hurrah with the toys, that made me cry. In the same way (for me at least), our Bee-6/Glee video felt like one last victory lap, Andy’s fun at the end was his, except his legacy is passed on. It felt very much like the end of one story, and the start of another. Cliché, yes, but true nevertheless. It was like a return to childhood for one last fleeting moment before having to face the reality of growing up, which I hope this summer will mean for me. I realize now that the Toys saddened over losing Andy can be looked at from the other way – I will be equally sad losing my childhood, which is symbolized by childhood toys. That loss of innocence, of a youth’s imagination, is something that we all must go through in the end, and I suppose being in the midst of that transition means that the movie hit me especially hard. I think I tend to show emotions after the event – that happened with Every 15 Minutes, and probably with this movie too – I mean, reading the Wikipedia plot entry made me teary. But it was a wonderful experience to share with my friends.  

So post movie, Tesia left, and the rest of us hung out at the mall for a while. The girls shopped and us super cool awesome guys lounged in the center and had the most fun ever. After, we split up, some of the group going to Daniel’s house, and the others going to eat and then meeting up with us later. I ate too much popcorn to eat lunch! But we got stopped at the train tracks, and Daniel and Guzman rocked out in the car.  There, I got to play Mario Kart! I haven’t played in a long time. That in itself was a lot of fun. Then there was Shutter Island. Yes, I was scared, and yes, I hid under a blanket. About halfway, we had to move over to Trevor’s house where we finished. I actually enjoyed Shutter Island, even though I usually don’t watch those types of movies. It had a good twist, though I had begun to think that already; and I think the end hints at self awareness. But anyways, it was another good shared experience. Jess and Kelly had to leave, but then Trevor’s parents graciously gave the rest of us dinner. And after dinner, was mostly talk, about random topics – people, school, past, future, likes, dislikes. I probably sound like a broken record, but there’s little that can match sitting around and just talking with people for a few hours. And having another time to do that before we all leave makes those few hours all that more important to me. So all in all, a fun day, full of tears, screams, talk and friends.

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